Victa Mustang Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


The Victa Mustang Self-Propelled is a premium lawn mower. This outdoor power unit is designed for a quality finish every single time and is packed with smart technology.


The Victa Mustang Self-Propelled is a quality, premium lawn mower. This unit features QPT technology, which reduces noise and vibrations. The ready start system makes for easy starting, meaning you will no longer have to prime, or use a choke.

The Victa Mustang Self-Propelled has a quad blade cutting system, which delivers a cleaner cut and improved catching in thick and wet grass. The mower comes with a unique mulching blade-disc design generates air circulation beneath the mower continually cutting the grass and making for a quality finish every single time.


Product Details

Cutting Width (Inch): 19

Cutting Height Range (mm): 13-72

Engine Displacement (cc): 163

Dry Weight (kg): 35.8


6 Year limited Consumer Warranty.


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