Surron Ultra Bee Onroad Dirt Bike


The Surron Ultra Bee Onroad is an epic, powerful and fully electric dirt bike. This off road bike comes with a groundbreaking and revolutionary design.


The Surron Utra Bee Onroad is a fully electric dirt bike. It is designed using groundbreaking innovation and is a monumental accomplishment in the world of electric off-road biking. It has sport, eco, and daily riding modes with the ability to do 0-50 in 2.3 seconds. This fresh model serves the desires of on-road users who yearn for potency, excellence and adaptability. Capitalizing on the successes of its predecessors, the Ultra Bee catapults electric performance to unparalleled levels. The heart of this mid-sized powerhouse lies in Surron’s pioneering powertrain system.

The Surron Utra Bee Onroad is sophisticated and features race-inspired braking system, aluminum alloy forged frame with Surron’s 4th-generation powertrain, and a state-of-the-art suspension system. This units design enhances reliability and continuous discharge capacity. This bike will turn heads.


Product Details

Max Range (Km): 140

Top Speed (Km/h): 90

Battery: 60V/38Ah

Max Power (W): 12500

Charging time (hours): 4

Dry Weight (kg): 88


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