Surron Light Bee Onroad Dirt Bike

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The Surron Light Bee Onroad is a lightweight, road legal dirt bike. It’s electric motor packs the power and means you will have an epic time no matter the conditions.


The Surron Light Bee Onroad (L1e) is a road legal electric dirt bike. This unit is ready to go and hit the ground running. It features a sleek and stylish design, powerful motor, advanced suspension system, and disc brakes ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Light Bee Onroad offers an unbeatable combination of performance and versatility. The lightweight and aerodynamic design of this dirt bike allows the user to experience the thrill of the ride both on and off the road.


Product Details

Max Range (Km): 60

Top Speed (Km/h): 45

Battery: 60V/34Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack

Max Power (W): 2040

Charging time (hours): 3-4

Dry Weight (kg): 47


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