Masport 400 M Tech Lawn Mower


The Masport 400 M Tech is a lightweight, quality battery powered lawn mower. This outdoor power unit’s high tech features mean it will do the hard work for you.


The Masport 400 M Tech battery powered lawn mower. This cordless mower combines the advantages and performance of a classic petrol mower with the clean, quiet, exhaust free operation of a cordless electric motor. The Energy Flex Mower employs the M-Tech power management system to provide power to an advanced brushless induction motor.

The Masport 400 M Tech is a quality mower that features load sensing technology, the motor adapts to the cutting conditions, sensing grass thickness and optimises power requirements for the best quality of cut. It will balance power and maximise runtimes through intelligent and efficient energy use. The Energy Flex Mower delivers freedom and convenience at the push of a button.


Product Details

Cutting Width (Inch): 18

Cutting Height Range (mm): 10-69

Internal Battery: 58V, 4.3Ah

Dry Weight (kg): 24.5


5 Year Commercial Warranty.