Husqvarna 322iHD60 Battery Hedge Trimmer

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The durable Husqvarna 322iHD60 battery hedge trimmer delivers high-quality cuts at high capacity. It features a brushless motor that secures higher efficiency, longer lifetime and less maintenance compared to brushed motors.

The 322iHD60 has a light, ergonomic design, resulting in more comfortable work and less strain on the body. Equipped with stepless speed control to easily adapt the product to the current job, and with the weatherproof IPX4 rating, cutting can be carried out even when raining. The digital interface, robust hard buttons, and compact size provide user-friendliness at a high level.

This domestic grade kit is skin only. It does not include a battery and charger.


Product Details

Blade Length (mm): 600

Max Power (m/s): 10.0

Battery Voltage (V): 36.0

Dry Weight (kg): 3.2


5 year Domestic Warranty and 1 year Commercial Warranty.


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