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2016 Street Triple 660 LAMS approved

$180 a day

In LAMS configuration, the Street Triple produces 55hp (40.6kW) at 9300rpm and 54.6Nm at 5155rpm compared to the 675’s 106hp at 11,850rpm and 68Nm at 9750rpm.

Disregard the horsepower reference, though – the beauty of the Street Triple 660 is that torque and wedges and wedges of useable power are always at hand, and the peak is now 4600rpm lower than the 675. On a half to three-quarter throttle, you don’t ‘feel’ like you’re on a LAMS bike, such is the vigour and get up and go from the 660 with the flat and always-on-the-treadmill torque curve.

It’s the succulence down low that remains the Street Triple’s area of pre-eminence, and pussy footing along in slow moving traffic is effortless – a tall first gear and crisp fuel injection see to that. If you’re after the antitheses of a hair trigger throttle, look no further.  Add to that a supple clutch, impeccable throttle action, compact dimensions and neutral handling, it’s a bike that still keeps on giving even in 660cc mode.