ES2100 Blower Vac

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This powerful Blower/Shredder/Vac is a versatile tool for any keen gardener. It features shredding blades to reduce leaves & small branches into mulch which can be put straight onto the garden.

  • Blower/Shredder/Vac
  • See-through fuel tank makes it easy to determine fuel level
  • Extra large vacuum bag with rear discharge design
  • Metal shredding blades
  • Exclusively designed, asymmetic cutter shreds leaves and debris by a 12 to 1 ratio
  • Dual handle for ease of use
Engine Displacement: 21.2cc 
Output: 0.50kW
Air Volume: 4203 / h
Max Air Speed : 60m / sec
Nozzle Type: Flat
Dry Weight: 5.5kg