Echo CSG7410ES Engine Cutter


The CSG-7410ES is a top end concrete cutter. It provides exceptional performance and is packed with features. This engine cutter will tackle any job.


The CSG-7410ES is a top end concrete cutter. It offers the highest cutting torque in its class. The new two-stroke engine chrome cylinder and patented Kaniboron piston plating provides friction reduction as well as superior wear and heat resistance.

The CSG-7410ES is one of the best air cleaner systems in the industry. The brass water valve controls the flow of water to the cutting wheel.

This is a product you can depend on.


Product Details

Blade Size (Inch): 14

Output (kw): 3.2

Engine Displacement (cm3): 73.5

Dry Weight (kg): 10.7


5 year Domestic Warranty and 2 year Commercial Warranty.


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